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The Ruhr Valley urgently needs space for industry and businesses in order to create more jobs. But in this densely populated area, large industrial sites are scarce or only useable after an immense effort.

A new perspective is currently opening up at the former shaft plant Auguste Victoria 3/7, where coal production drew to a close at the end of 2015: Located directly beside the chemical plant in Marl, connected to the rest of the world by canal, rail and road, the site offers a unique opportunity – one of very few – to establish diverse industries and productive businesses on a large site in the Ruhr Valley.

Between the coal mining area in the South and the harbour area, there are 90 hectares available – centrally located and with excellent transport connections.

Marketers, economic developers and infrastructure designers all agree: The site offers wonderful prospects for fast development to be marketed from 2020 onwards. In the medium term, up to 1,000 new jobs can be created here.


gate.ruhr – the new Victoria:

A project for the future with enormous significance. For Marl, for the Emscher-Lippe region, and for the Ruhr valley.