If former industrial sites get processed for a new use, it always brings a risk of unexpected circumstances or delays. In the revitalising of the site the initial results of the feasibility study show potential for a rapid development.

According to the current state of planning, the Northern part of the site could be available for marketing from late 2022 onwards. The businesses can benefit from the access to the harbour in the North right from the start, which is one of the main advantages of

The second phase in the South of the site will form itself gradually, says Dr Manfred Gehrke, head of economic promotion at the city council Marl. That section will be used for smaller businesses, particularly companies specialising in logistics and final assembly. „It is also conceivable that the last activities in the coal mine could take a little bit longer.“ But the target is clearly set: is supposed to be one of the fasted developed former coal mine sites, a plan that gets supported by the early development of the Northern part of the site.