The development of the Marl-Hamm quarter is closely connected to the coal mine Auguste Victoria: For decades, coal miners and their families lived as good neighbours with „their“ coal mine.

That should continue: As part of the planning for, the emphasis focused on the compatible coordination of working and residing in the quarter.

Sound insulation is particularly important: Close to the residential area, only smaller
businesses may be located, according to the


experts. The current sound insulation can be extended if necessary. Traffic volume is also part of the detailed design – the search for solutions to ideally relieve the Carl-Duisberg-Straße continues.

Well-presented information is part of the etiquette: Residents and public will be informed promptly and extensively about every step of the planning on the site. Information and events are scheduled also for young people who will benefit from the new and attractive professional education and work opportunities in closest proximity.


What do residents and involved parties think about the major project that is Here you get to find out!



Diligence and farsightedness for resilient planning rights: The feasibility study takes all essential emissions, environmental and natural protection as well as traffic questions into account.



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