Based on an extensive feasibility study, gate.ruhr has entered the implementation phase. In a first step, gate.ruhr GmbH, as a joint project company of the city of Marl and RAG Montan Immobilien GmbH (RAG MI), will develop a total area of 16.5 ha north and south of the Nordstraße leading to the chemical park. The development activities are progressing rapidly.

What promises a bright future is carefully planned: Numerous experts have examined all relevant aspects in detail in the feasibility study – from species and noise protection to soil conditions and traffic development, including the upgrading of Carl-Duisberg-Strasse and the Marl-Hamm motorway junction as well as an additional motorway connection to the A 43.

The result: the site of the former AV 3/7 mine, with its trimodal transport links via road, rail and canal, has all the prerequisites for developing one of the most important commercial and industrial locations in the entire region on an area of 45 ha.

gate.ruhr – the new Victoria: A vision takes shape.