5. January 2022 | Rubriken: Uncategorized

Development of gate.ruhr starts

  • Construction for first sub-area begins with clearing work
  • Replacement planting with native deciduous trees
  • Avenue character is to be strengthened

Construction work on the first section of the new gate.ruhr industrial estate on the site of the former Auguste Victoria 3/7 mine is about to begin. As early as Monday (10 January), trees will have to be felled for the extension of Nordstraße and Carl-Duisberg-Straße and the construction of a site road. To compensate, significantly more new native deciduous trees will be planted to strengthen the avenue character.

In a first step, gate.ruhr GmbH is developing a 16.5-hectare sub-area north and south of Nordstraße, which leads from Carl-Duisberg-Straße to the Marl Chemical Park. For the development work, which will begin in spring, the Bernemann company from Recklinghausen will cut down a total of 87 individual trees on both sides of Nordstraße and on the western side of Carl-Duisberg-Straße and 42 avenue trees in parts of Nordstraße from 10 January. “Impairments to road traffic are not to be expected,” says gate.ruhr GmbH. The clearing work is expected to take two weeks.

In order to meet the responsibility for environmental and climate protection, extensive compensation will be created: 98 individual trees will be planted in the green strips on Carl-Duisberg-Straße and Nordstraße. 85 new avenue trees will also line Carl-Duisberg-Straße and Nordstraße and contribute to a healthy microclimate in the Hamm district.

In addition, the development of the areas along the Nordstraße requires the clearing of around 2.8 hectares of forest land. To compensate for this, a forest area of the same size has been designated in the area of the slag heap at the harbour. All the necessary permits from the authorities have been obtained for the planned clearing, which was already announced in the environmental committee and the urban planning committee of the city of Marl in December as well as at the citizens’ dialogue in November. This work is to be completed in time for the start of the bird protection period on 1 March.

Specifically, the development work for the expansion of the necessary infrastructure includes the renovation of Carl-Duisberg-Strasse in full. For this purpose, two roundabouts in the area of the Nordstraße and at the height of the street “Auf dem Acker” will keep the traffic flowing from now on. In the side areas of Carl-Duisberg-Straße, a continuous footpath and cycle path will be built on both sides. In addition, Nordstraße and Flurstraße (as far as Hüppelswick) will be upgraded and drainage and sewage pipes laid.

On the site of the former Auguste Victoria 3/7 mine, the city of Marl and RAG Montan Immobilien GmbH, the developer of mining sites, want to attract innovative companies. Up to 1,000 additional jobs and apprenticeships are to be created there in the next few years, in particular to open up new future prospects for future generations.