7. November 2017 | Rubriken: Uncategorized


The gate.ruhr project is also innovative on a different level: To get two parts of the site in the North quickly and cost-effectively to the same level, the site developers plan to shift masses of earth.

The tight schedule demands innovative ideas to restructure a site. Here, the developers of the plan chose a new approach: It is planned to shift the earth masses from the plateau of the stuck pile at the Hafenweg and to bring it to the site of the former power station location, to level the height difference of several meters between stuck pile, harbour area and power station location.

„This is in unusual method, but it solves two problems at once and minimises the effort“, explains Volker Duddek, project manager for RAG Montan Immobilien GmbH. „Turning over the stuck pile means evening out the terrain. At the same time we create a solid, evenly compressed building ground in both areas by covering the concrete foundations layer by layer.“ Cost and feasibility calculations for the procedure of shifting the earth masses of the stuck pile are part of the current feasibility study.


Graphic: RDN/Jens Valtwies